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Whether you’re outgrowing QuickBooks Pro or Premier, updating an outdated system or just looking for a better solution, 

How are you growing your business needs?
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Do you need more than 5 users to access QuickBooks®? QuickBooks® Enterprise Solutions allows for up to 30 users!

Is the QuickBooks® Pro or Premier Security level too low for your company? QuickBooks® Enterprise Solutions comes with 14 predefined roles that can be modified or duplicated. You can also create new roles as necessary. A user can be granted the right to view, create, modify, print, or delete. Click Here to see the Customizable Permissions in Enterprise Solutions and More. QuickBooks Pro and Premier offer only 10 different areas to control the user permissions and how they are can access these areas. Click Here to see what Intuit currently posts about the Enterprise product.

Enterprise Solutions looks exactly like regular QuickBooks®. Upgrading does not involve a major learning curve.

List Limitations in QuickBooks® Pro or Premier:

QuickBooks® Pro and Premier have list limits of 14,500 names (customers, vendors and employees) and 14,500 items (inventory, non-inventory and service items). Enterprise Solutions has an unlimited list limitation for the same lists. Enterprise also allows for REQUIRED FIELDS On an item, where QuickBooks Pro/Premier does not.

Advanced Inventory Features: (Additional Costs Apply)

  Location, Lot & Serial Number tracking
  FIFO Reporting
  Ability to automate price increases based on cost increase
  Auto Create Purchase Orders

Employee Organizer:

  Access to employment laws, letters and procedures from within the program
  Multi-Currency Support, Homepage Dashboard, Multi-User Backup 
  Intuit Statement Writer
  Support for Large Numbers (Up to ten trillion)

Additional Features

  Field Service Management (Additional Costs apply)
  Online Backup Service: Entire PC is limited to 100 GB total storage, which includes all 45 days of backups you have stored
  Training Tools
  QuickBooks Mobile
  Technical Support

And don’t forget, the CertifiedQB Group can help with all your professional QuickBooks® 

QuickBooks®  Enterprise Solutions 
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